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Did You Kiss Anyone Screening February 7th

Okay. Our friend Mike Vogel makes movies and stuff. He’s a funny guy and a fantastic writer, and he assembled a super talented cast and crew to make an original, all local film about “Marriage, sex, and shitting with the door open.” We blogged about being extras in the film two years ago. So it’s […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 1.16.12

Another shot from my first week in Portland in January of 2008. More on that over here. You, yes, YOU are wonderful!

Family Visit: Kicking Our Own Asses

So a quick pop in to just tell you about the weekend we had, and why I’m now a week behind for NaNoWriMo. It was Dave’s 40th 29th birthday AND my cutie pie sister came for a visit this weekend. So, jam packed, crazy weekend. I left earlyish on Wednesday, and drove from Astoria to […]

Twenty Four Hours in Portland

First, a trip to Bob’s Red Mill to stock up on oatmeal. We picked up our friends Nedra and Roxy. Roxy is pretty much the cutest kid on the planet. I was baffled by the people who seemed to not notice her. How could they not get pulled in by her tractor beam of cuteness?

Joy, Joy, Joy

After our weekend in Portland, going to Oktoberfest and Polish Fest, I came to a realization. We saw lots of families and kids. And lots of babies. A whole lot of babies. But if you ever wanted to see the embodiment of pure, unbridled joy, get a look at a toddler’s face as she breaks away from […]