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Next Few Days

I thought I’d draw you a pictorial representation. I’ll see you on Monday. I think.

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.23.11

The view from our last Portland apartment. It was pretty cool.

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.18.11

My first Portland apartment. I loved this apartment. I arrived in Portland with no furniture and not much money. So my first apartment was a temple of Ikea. But it was all mine and I loved, loved, loved it. By the end, I didn’t love the building, or the less-than adult neighbor below, or the […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.16.11

Red maple, Portland Classical Chinese Garden. From my first trip there. Way back in 2008. I was just a baby. I get more hits on this image than maybe any other page on this site. It’s probably all over the internet.

Tourists In Portland

Last weekend, we went to Portland. Our visit was filled with errands and events. A haircut. A car wash. A Timbers match. A trip to the library, the credit union, and the post office. A fruit beer festival. A milk carton boat race. A trip to the Apple Store, where we blew all our downsizing […]