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OMG: My Boys On The Front Page Of AOL

In the mid 1990s, I had a chunky Packard-Bell desktop. It had goofy plastic speakers that attached to the side of the monitor like misshapen ears. I think it had 8 MB of memory, and half a gig of space. It was my first computer. It was around that time that CD-ROMS for AOL seemed […]

New Post at What To Expect

You’re not supposed to compare your kids, right? I wrote about doing that. About comparing our boys. I do it. I can’t help it. Please go read here.

Guest Post At What To Expect

So, hey, I have a guest post up at What to Expect. I wrote about why having twin boys, on the whole, is pretty fricken awesome. Except I didn’t use the word fricken, or any other f-word. It took a lot out of me to write a whole post with no potty mouth. Please go […]

The Cost Of Going Back To Work After Babies

Here’s a fun thing. I sat down and calculated how much money I made from my job after paying for taxes and childcare. It was…enlightening. Some background. I went back to work when our twin boys turned six months old. It was a new job, as opposed to returning to a current job after maternity […]

New Themes

Here’s a new theme. I like it. I like the photo of the Astoria Megler bridge, it’s become iconic in our lives, but I have other interesting road photos. I may rotate the big photo and switch it up a bit. Switching themes on my blog feels like spring cleaning. A change of scenery. This […]