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Odd tOdd

Have you been to this website? Odd Todd If you haven’t been there, you should go. This guy has built an empire from making funny cartoons about being laid off. He’s published a book, and I think he’s working on getting a show in the works. Also, his blog posts are milk-out-the-nose funny. He eats […]


You may have noticed, I have added a tasty side of links to this page. I was planning on just adding my friends’ blogs and some other sites I read daily. But then the “category” function was broken in WordPress when I tried to lump the various blogs together. Yes, I tried various ways of […]

Do Something Everyday that Scares the Everliving Crap Out of You

Not so scary: Run an errand for work. I was told I didn’t need to drive my car into work, they’d lend me a vehicle. No problem. Here begins the scary part: 1. Brand new job. Don’t crash vehicle. 2. They hand me the keys to a giant utility van. 3. I get in, and […]

Office Life

Not long ago, I returned to the ranks of a service worker. I worked at Starbucks. It was the first time in about 10 years that I had a job where I stood on my feet all day. After spending years working in offices, it took a little while to acclimate to standing, moving and […]

First Week of Employment

I have returned to the ranks of the working class. It was entirely pleasant. There was nothing stressful about it. All of my cow-orkers are extremely nice. EXTREMELY nice. Like, can you be for real? Are you always like this? Are you always this nice? I can’t help but view this collection of very nice, […]