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Back to Work

I’m still here. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or taken up residence under a bridge as some predicted (hi, Dad). The problem is that I’m newly employed. It is diverting me from my bridge-living fast track, and cutting into my goof-off time. So yes, I’d certainly rather be writing blog entries, […]

I Haz a Job

I finally got an offer yesterday from this company that I visited FOUR TIMES before they decided they liked me enough to hire me. Plus, I had to take a personality test and a drug test and take a physical! I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but I’ll be working for the CIA. I’m doing […]

Fantasy Careers, Part I

Looking for jobs while unemployed can be anything from exciting to disheartening to outright depressing. Particularly if you have a sneaking suspicion that you may want to pursue new career paths, but must stick to your current skill set because you’re, um, broke. I need to buy extravagant items, like a microwave. So no sudden […]

Getting More Normalish

I am getting settled in my new place. “Getting settled” means dropping boatloads of cash at Target and Ikea. It’s a déjà vu experience to be buying laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, dishes, and silverware organizers. Not long ago, I owned all these things. And I sold them for pennies on the dollar at a yard […]


Do you have New Year Resolutions? Here are mine: 1. Get a Job 2. Get an Apartment 3. Do not become a Bag Lady Pretty awesome, huh? 2008 is going to be great! I am in So Cal right now, spending time with my family. My car arrives off the boat on January 9. I […]