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Avoiding Tacky Plastic Baby Toys: Making A Homemade Baby Gym

For the past two or three years, Dave and I have spent a lot of time downsizing and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. I’ve written about this quite a bit. Part of our plan to stay downsized was to avoid buying more stuff. It seems obvious, right? Get rid of crap. Then, don’t […]

I Just Aged 40 Years In Two Months

As chronic relocators, Dave and I have lived on a fair number of heavily traveled roads. This might sound like I’m being philosophical, but I’m not. I’m actually talking about busy streets with lots of cars. Not Robert Frost or some other type of thing I read in high school. We are in such a place […]

Here’s An Obvious Piece Of Advice

Don’t give out obvious pieces of advice. Easy, right? Now, I could say, don’t give out obvious pieces of advice to pregnant ladies. Pregnancy advice is certainly a big “thing.” And maybe that’s what got me thinking about this. But really, no one really likes receiving stupefyingly mindless advice, pregnant or not. Have you ever spent half […]

It Was A Nice Day, Except for The Little Shit Who Stole My Three Dollars

We had a lovely, wonderful first weekend back in Portland. We are still in the process of figuring out where everything “fits” in our new place and our 1950s kitchen. Our apartment in Astoria was so huge, and the kitchen was so enormous, we are having to squeeze back down in a deliberate and thoughtful […]

Pregnancy Rant Number Three: Stupid Pregnancy Advice For Fricken Idiots

This one is a doozy. I’ve had four months to think about this. And since we had very little actual medical guidance in the beginning (see Goddamned Pregnancy Rant Numero Uno) we jumped into the steaming cesspool of pregnancy advice early. There are, of course, a zillion books about pregnancy. There’s a mountain of them. […]