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Pregnancy Rant Two: I Never Wanted To Be A Mom

No, really. I still don’t want to be a mom. I’m excited to be pregnant, and it wasn’t an accident. I’m looking forward to our lives with blobby little screamers, then later with kids, but I still don’t want to be a “mom.” When I was in my twenties, especially in my early twenties, it […]

Goddamned Pregnancy Rant, Numero Uno: Doctor Visits

I have spent the majority of my life not being pregnant. I’m pretty familiar with non-pregnancy. It’s just been the past four months or so of my life that I have dealt with whiplash moods, ambivalent feelings about food, and wondering just how big my belly is going to get. Bigger than a basketball. Bigger […]

Waking Up (Not The Enlightenment Kind)

The days are getting shorter, and the sun is coming up later. It kind of sucks. It was easy to wake up with the sun over the summer because we have east facing windows, and we would get beams of morning sun into our bedroom before 5 am. That seems awful early, but I really […]

Fun With Self Employed Health Insurance, The Final Part (Contains Swear Words)

Okay, sorry. This was supposed to be one post about getting health insurance, and it was supposed to be this actual story I’m about to tell. But I guess I was pent up about all this, and it resulted in me writing¬†Part One and Part Two. So here’s the story that got me thinking about […]

Fun With Self Employed Health Insurance Part Two

Yesterday I talked about worrying about not getting health insurance. Despite the fact that I’m a little nutty, it is a legitimate thing to be anxious about. Thankfully, in our case, we did get coverage from an independent plan. We used a broker, and he recommended a provider and a plan, and I filled out […]