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Fun With Self Employed Health Insurance

I’m good at worrying. Did you know this about me? I don’t feel like a complete person unless I’m worried about something. If they had an Olympics for worriers, I could melt down all the gold medals I’d win and make myself a gilded helmet to protect my crazy, anxious brain. When we quit our jobs and terminated […]

Travel Tuesday: Saddle Mountain

I’m going to do what I can to not swear during this post. My usual, natural inclination is to swear. I prefer to think of swearing as colorful intensifiers, not bleating inarticulateness. More often than not, I withhold curse words because they make me feel less dainty. Right. So, Saddle Mountain. It was on our list […]

Foot Detoxes Are Bullcrap

I’m a bit of a skeptic. I’m a raging skeptic, actually. I have a pretty low tolerance for foofery, fairy tales, traditional bullcrap, new agey bullcrap or ancient bullcrap. I don’t mind folks who are into it, since 90% of people who really believe in something are well intentioned and downright pleasant. Some people do […]

Food I Used To Dislike, But Now Like

Okay, I started yesterday’s post thinking that this was what I was going to write about. But the whole lobster thing sort of took over. And am I going to argue with lobsters? Especially lobsters from my childhood? No. I will not fight with lobsters. But here is where that story originated in my crazed […]

The Battle of Impulse Purchases: Sucky Pillow Edition

I have a pillow thing. I wrote about my pillow thing long ago. I wanted a pillow for my dainty head that wasn’t too soft, or wasn’t too firm, and didn’t give me headaches or neck kinks. I had a coupon for a big box home store, and I drove out to the goddamn suburbs […]