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The Dumbest Way To Almost Break Your Toe

I think I could maybe write a whole blog about grocery store consumerism. I have some of my more profound insights about our society while shopping for noodles and kitty litter. I believe that being thoughtful in the grocery store is exactly what retailers don’t want. I think they want us softened up by the […]

Now Reading: Deadly Spin

Deadly Spin: An insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR in killing health care and deceiving Americans. This was a book I put on hold at the library a while ago and forgot about. After a few months, it came up in my holds list and I couldn’t wait to rush to the […]

A Little Less Of A Person

So. All my life I’ve been a fairly complete human being. Perhaps I am in the lifelong process of becoming “fully formed,” in a ethereal-wooy-bullcrap sort of way. But I am a “whole,” unspoiled, fully functional, mostly coherent human being. I’ve been responsible for myself since I left my parents’ house many, many years ago. […]

New Adventures in Frugality

You know what? Kitty litter shouldn’t goddamn cost $20. It’s sand meant to be shit on. It may have perfume, and it might have blue crystals in it, but it shouldn’t be goddamned $20 for an 8 pound bag. We are just days away from no longer having regular income. Can you tell I’m a […]

Customer Service Fantasies

I think our common human experience dictates that we all, at one point or another, have been pissed off by someone in a customer service position. We may have positive encounters some of the time, or even a majority of the time, but those positive experiences are never enough to offset the dread of having […]