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What Happens When An Accountant Catches A Cold

Right now, I am super pissed at myself that I have not kept track of cold medicines that actually work. I don’t get sick very often, usually once a year or less. So by the time I finally catch a cold, I have forgotten what cold medicine works for me. I usually take whatever may […]

“I Don’t Want To Know”

I don’t know about you, but I like to know stuff. I like to know regular, get-through-the-day stuff, but I like to know odd stuff too. Mostly odd stuff, actually. I often don’t know why I know something, where I heard it, or why I remember it. And it’s usually incomplete bits of knowledge, which […]

What Next?

I find myself thinking this often as I read the news, or hear about what is going on in the world. “What next?” Not just our day to day events, but our consumption and reaction to news. And not “what next?” from a cranky old lady perspective, like what will these damn fool kids do […]

Anger Management

Some people get outraged too easily. I have the opposite problem. I don’t get outraged easily enough. Or rather, I don’t know what the hell to do when I’m angry about something. It’s a problem. Thankfully, I really don’t have cause to get angry very often. I’m pretty good at being unflappable. A lot of […]

The Good, The Bad, The Frustrating

Okay, The Good: Healthcare reform. I came out of my weeks-long, self-imposed political news boycott to get up to speed on what our esteemed political leaders have in store for us. I’m about as progressive as they come, so I am frustrated that there no public option yet. But some kind of reform passed, and […]