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Another Book Gift Fiasco

My Dad’s birthday is today. I’d long had a great gift idea for my dad. He is perhaps the easiest person to buy a gift for in my family. My sister is also quite easy, since if I see something I like, I pretty much know my sister would like it too. My mom, on […]

Grocery Shopping Is NOT A Goddamned Recreational Activity

Those who know me know I’m not a whiner. I’m not. I’m noooooooot! But people, I have to take issue with the super giant grocery store concept. Big, big grocery stores. Acres big. The size of multiple football fields. The size of aircraft hangars. I think we are being convinced that bigger is always, always […]

Here’s A Goddamn Happy List

Around the first of the year, I mentioned how great 2008 was for me, and that I felt as though I should sneak off with my good fortune and hope no one noticed. It seems perhaps that pendulum came swinging back this week. First with the health insurance denials. (As an update, I have about […]

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down

One of the great things about our new place is that I believe I’m sleeping better. I had gone over a week sleeping really well each night. I woke up and felt refreshed and damn near giddy. I feel like a rockstar when I get enough sleep. I didn’t sleep so great last night, and […]

I Went Outside

My verdict: It’s cold. I bundled up in some cold weather clothes I’ve retained from the Boston era of my life. With sensible preparation, the cold is manageable. But there is ICE everywhere. When the snow fell, it was wet and sticky. It soaked the streets and sidewalks, then began to stick. And with the […]