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I’m A Non-Confrontationist

I believe I have mentioned that I don’t have a TV, for various reasons. This is good, because I waste enough time as it is. I really don’t have the time to screen-lick Jon Stewart as much as I inevitably I would if I owned a TV. I have enough books to read, and organizing, and cleaning, […]

License Plate Fiasco

Okay, so I got a parking ticket. My very first Oregon parking ticket. Considering that I’ve lived here for almost 10 months (!) I’d say this is a substantial amount of parking ticketlessness. Extra especially since I got a parking ticket every time I entered Santa Monica city limits. And this one time, I got […]

Live in LA? Need a Job? Like, REALLY bad?

My sister got a new job! This is great news! Congrats little sis! Be sure to leave a pile of dog poo in a corner on your last day! She has been tasked with writing the job description to find her replacement. Here’s what she wrote below. Accounting Assistant/Doormat Needed in Heart of West Hollywood Summary: Successful, self-important, image-obsessed […]

Awful Neighbor Stories

I love my apartment. I love that it’s mine. I love being home. My apartment does has a couple drawbacks. Since it’s a studio, I have no door with with to isolate my cat from my face when I’m trying to sleep. I’m also a little concerned that being in my mid thirties, while living […]

I Totally Can’t Deal With Psychos. Seriously.

I have been on the outskirts of an ongoing conversation at work about a difficult client. She nabbed some poor soul at our company, and has been running her ragged. The client suddenly demanded new changes to an agreed-upon design, and when the changes were made, exactly to her specifications, she squawked at the results […]