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Making Holiday Cookies

Coconut Macaroons. Gorgeous, right? I tried to make some. Image credit: Sweet & Saucy So my holiday preparations are going awesome. You?

Cookies, Cooking, Etc, Part II

I little while ago, I complained about cookies. But I also talked about how I like to cook, and I feel like I’ve gotten more skilled in the kitchen as I’ve gotten older. Don’t get me wrong, though. My favorite go-to lunch is still a box of Annie’s Shells and Cheddar with some extra cheese […]

Boys’ First Birthday: Camping In A Tent. Also, Cake Explosions

At the beginning of the year, just as we were able to make campground reservations for the summer, I booked our favorite site at Camp Creek for the boys’ first birthday. We did not want to have a typical first birthday party for the boys, with a load of people, a ton of gifts and […]

Stuff I Like: Shoving Food Into My Pie Hole

One of my rediscovered joys this summer has been making good, and sometimes elaborate food. Not that I ever forgot that I like good food. Dave and I are both pretty skilled in the kitchen, and we’ve always appreciated making nice meals. But this summer, we sort of took it to a new level. Not […]

Here’s Some Stuff I Like

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I know everyone spends a lot of time on the internet. But see, I don’t have a boss to tell me I should stop goofing off. So being of weak moral fiber, I spend vast amounts of time reading the news, checking blogs and watching silly […]