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I Made Homemade Pasta And It Was Fricken Awesome

When we quit our jobs and moved to Astoria, I made a list of things that I want to do this summer that would make me happy. I call it my “Goddamned Happy List.” I want to do some painting. I want to grow some herbs. I want to camp on the coast. I want […]

You Actually Put These In Your Mouth

I’m not kidding. I wrote a story about poutine râpée, food of my ancestors over here. We tried it so you don’t have to. Also, we have enough poutine gravy packets to last us until Jesus comes.

Roasting Our Own Coffee Beans

We like coffee. We drink a lot. Or rather, I drink a cup or two a day, but when I make my coffee, I put as much coffee into one cup as many people put into an entire pot. I like coffee that puts hair on your chest. Big, fat gnarly hair. Undoubtedly sometime in […]

Yay For Booze!

About 44 days ago, we started making 44 Cordial. On St Patrick’s Day, we did the grand unveiling. We removed the orange spiked with coffee beans, got a funnel, and poured the cordial through a coffee filter. There were remnants of coffee beans and orange floaties to filter out. The cordial had been silver rum. […]

Are You Ready For Some Goddamned Granola?

You might be thinking that I could be talking about something else. Something else besides granola. Because who isn’t ready for granola? Only the exceedingly unprepared, that’s who. And if you aren’t ready for granola, get ready to get learned. I like granola. It’s not always good for you, especially because a lot of granola […]