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Winning The Meat War

This is how you make corned beef. It’s a 6 pound slab of brisket.  With salt, allspice, pepper, crushed bay leaf and paprika (in our case, Spanish smoked paprika, because we’re snooty.)   You stab it on either side and rub the spices in.  Seal airtight in a giant ziplock bag, put it in a pan […]

Le Sigh*

I made myself dinner the other night. Something more than Annie’s Shells and Cheddar with an extra slice of cheese and a few table spoons of salsa mixed in.  Which is food of the angels, by the way.  White trashy, chain smoking angels who drive ’86 Camaros. I got ambitious and made my mom’s beef […]

Things Going On: A List

1. The Timbers lost their last home game of the season. It was very sad. I do not want to talk about it. 2. My parents are visiting. They took my car and are driving along the coast. Dad is keeping both hands on the wheel, keeping his eyes on the road and is not […]

I (Sort Of) Made Killer Shrimp

I tried to go to Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey over 4th of July weekend. I was just a few days too late: They closed on June 29th. Bummer. For those not familiar, Killer Shrimp was an LA restaurant that only served shrimp in a spicy broth with a bucket of french bread. You […]