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Here’s How You Get Hitched in Astoria, Oregon.

Farewell For Now, Astoria

So we are excited about moving back to Portland. We love Portland. But we also love Astoria, and it is bittersweet to wrap up our lives here. Every time I drove back to Astoria after being away, I would take a deep breath, gaze over the ships in the river, the hills of Washington, the […]

Living Down By The River

I love reading the the Astoria PoliceĀ press logs. They are not always so entertaining, and sometimes they can be a bit depressing. But often, they contain little gems that make me smile. Astoria Police LogĀ 1/25/12 3:20 SUSP CIRCUMSTANCES “Report of something making a grunting noise in backyard of the house. Reporting unsure of what it […]

Snow Is Nice

It was snowing when I woke up this morning. As I drank my coffee and ate breakfast, the snow came down in sheets and squalls. As soon as I felt like a human being, I grabbed the camera, bundled up, and headed out for a walk. River benches. The old train station. The Peacock in […]

Family Visit: Kicking Our Own Asses

So a quick pop in to just tell you about the weekend we had, and why I’m now a week behind for NaNoWriMo. It was Dave’s 40th 29th birthday AND my cutie pie sister came for a visit this weekend. So, jam packed, crazy weekend. I left earlyish on Wednesday, and drove from Astoria to […]