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We Live Near The Coast

You know what we have here on the coast? Sea birds. After a quick grocery trip, we emerged from the store to find our car had been bombed. What was remarkable about this was that there was just so much crap on my car, all at once. Was it from a flock of birds? If […]

I Went To A Timber Festival

Saturday, we went to the Astoria Timber Festival. Holy crap. It was no joke. There were big logs. There were people running around with chain saws. There were kids battling to throw each other off a floating log into a pool of cold water. While it was clear everyone knew what they were doing, and […]

All Is Right In The World

If we peer out the window of our apartment and crane our necks, we see the Astoria-Megler Bridge. We walk around a lot, and the bridge is ever present in our small town, even at a distance. At night, the red lights of the towers blink, blink, blink in the darkness. Silent, steadfast, high above […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.15.11

Don Schreiner’s bench. Dave and I were walking back from town and stopped a spell on this bench. Below is the dedication. Pause here today and think of those you love. Take care of one another, always. It made my breath catch in my throat. Thank you for the reminder.

Images from Astoria’s Bicentennial Parade

Happy 200th Birthday Astoria! I used to dislike parades. Now I think they are okay. They are better when you don’t have to march in them, while playing a heavy set of drums, or waving a flag, while also trying to avoid horse pucky. All of which I did do in my younger years. Today, […]