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Somewhat Daily Photo 8.12.11

Another red ship. I like that many ships are red. A lot of my river photos would be monochromatic if the ships were, say, purple or gray.

Somewhat Daily Photo 8.3.11

Red ship. This is my view as I walk to the grocery store. Ain’t I a stinker?

Travel Tuesday: Using Our Feet

We had lovely warm weather over the weekend. While the rest of the country was sweltering, and even Portland was warmer than usual, we had clear skies and pleasant eighty degree temperatures. If it seems like I’m bragging while the rest of the country was roasting, I AM. Our skies are usually gray and clouded […]

Teenagers With Booze Bottles And Too Much Eye Makeup

We sort of crossed a cultural threshold, having recently moved from “the city” to “the country.” I use these terms loosely, since some American big city dwellers might scoff that Portland, Oregon would even be considered a “city” as opposed to a somewhat largish carnival of unicycle riders and lumberjacks. And others might scoff that […]

Small Town Living

Even though it still feels like we’ve “just arrived,” we are coming up on two months that we have been in Astoria. The time is flying by. We’ve made a number of whirlwind weekend trips back and forth to Portland. We are often asked how we like Astoria and if we miss Portland. I sometimes […]