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Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter X: Astoria, Oregon

As you might imagine, the weather has gotten a little too chilly and wet for camping. I have been grimly informed that slate skies and dreary weather will continue for the next 47 years. There was even gnashing of teeth. I think my acquaintances are taking bets on how long I will last through this winter. I […]

A Weekend, A Tankful of Gas: My Idea

Clearly, I have the market cornered on the whole “Get Out of Town Over the Weekend” idea. And no one could have possibly thought of the “Tank Full of Gas” before it came out of my brain. Completely original ideas! I’ve been doing it for months years! So imagine my shock, (SHOCK I say!) at […]

Tank Full Of Gas, Chapter Nine: Panther Creek, WA

Camping on Labor Day weekend. No reservations. “Complete folly!” you say. And indeed, you would nearly be correct. Because this weekend was The Camping Trip That Almost Never Was. Organized, forward-thinking people usually decide well in advance that they would like to camp on a holiday weekend such as Labor Day. Labor Day is one […]

A Weekend, A Full Tank Of Gas: Chapter Eight

Camping in Mt Hood National Forest. That’s right, bitches, Chapter Eight! I get around! This time, we packed up the car, left work early Friday and did our best to escape rush hour traffic. It still took an hour to get out of Portland city limits. Traffic in Portland is no picnic. Especially when you […]

Off the Grid Again

We’re off to the deep wilds of Oregon this weekend. The car is packed to the roof with firewood, snacks and booze. We don’t have a reservation at the campground, so maybe we will end up camping in a traffic island in Beaverton. Wish us luck!