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A Quarter Tank of $4.49 Gas: Chapter Seven

The “Getting Back To Nature Chapter.” Also, “Fools Camping In The Rain Chapter.” I love to camp. I love, love, love it. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting in front of a campfire and sleeping outside. I am a “car camper.” Which means I only travel as far from my car as my noodly arms […]

Next 48 Hours: Off The Grid

We’re off to the deep wilds of the Oregon Coast Range to sleep on the ground, roast meat on open fire, not shower, and most likely, huddle under an awing to stay out of the rain. One of us hasn’t been camping since childhood (not me), but I haven’t had to camp in a tent […]

Getting Bent, Day 2

While in Bend, we stayed at the apartment of some kind friends, who were away camping for the weekend. We looked after their cat and peachy-cheeked cockatiel. Their cat was super friendly and super fat. She handily earned the nickname “Super Fatty,” and would gladly come to us when we called her that. Probably because […]

A Weekend, A Tank Full of Gas, Chapter 6: Getting Bent

Gas is $4.19 a gallon! Gah! But we couldn’t walk to Bend, Oregon. It was 163 miles. And there are, like, big hills and stuff. So we drove. There are many ways to drive to Bend. To get there, we took Route 26 because it goes by Mt. Hood and I like big, fat volcanoes […]

An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter 5

Portland to Seattle to watch the Timbers play against the Seattle Sounders. The “Daring Incredible Mission!” Chapter! 175 miles. 3ish-4ish hours or so. It was me driving, Dave: Who Demands Beer, and two good friends and fierce Timbers Army gals, Diane and Amy. This time, ride was less for drive than for the destination, as […]