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An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter Four

The Ka-Pow! Chapter. Because we visited an explosive volcano! And it could have blown at any minute! We live on the EDGE! When I was a kid, I remember climbing into the hot, dusty attic of our house. My childhood home was originally a horse stable for a larger estate that had burned down. I’m […]

An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter III

My goal on Sunday was to see some trees and some snow. I heard they have those things here in Oregon. Seeking snow could be easy in many respects. If it’s raining in town (as it has been, non-stop, for the past week), it is likely snowing in the higher elevations. Seeing snow is good. […]

An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas, Chapter II

You can find Chapter One of “An Afternoon, A Full Tank of Gas” here. Yesterday, I went for a drive up the coast with my new friend Dave, the Guy Who Knows Portland. He also has a blog that you should visit, especially if you like beer, or if you want to learn the goings-on […]


First rest stop. There was no “Welcome to Oregon” sign heading north on interstate 5. I was disappointed. How am I supposed to know where I am? I could STILL be in California for all I know. I did pass by a “Mile 73,” however. I did not get out and take photos. Hello Oregon! […]

I’m here.

I’m in Portland. It’s cold enough to freeze puddles. Why did no one think to talk me out of this? Water freezes here! What the hell? Does NO ONE care about me? The drive was a breeze. Traffic was great, the scenery was anywhere from mildly interesting to absolutely breathtaking. On the final descent off […]