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Weekend Away In A Straw Bale House In Sisters, Oregon

I have been fascinated by straw bales construction since I lived in southern California. One of my favorite places to camp was Joshua Tree National Park. I fantasized about buying some land in the desert and building a straw bale house amidst boulders and twisted branches and endless sun. I moved to Oregon and sort […]

Out In The Wilderness, Sorta

We are out in the wilds of central Oregon this weekend. I’d say we were roughing it, but we’re in a cabin with a hottub and this ridiculous view. You can’t see from this photo, but just a few yards from our cabin, there is a steep drop into a canyon below. We are a number of […]

Camping! In June! In Oregon! In the Rain!

Before we had our twin boys, we were tent campers. Not because we are hard core or rugged, sleep-on-the-ground type purists. We would gladly camp in a giant, shiny luxury RV. But tent camping costs about 1000% less. So we are “car” campers. We bring a stove and a cooler and an air mattress and […]

Camping Season 2013

It’s June. We live in Oregon. If we step outside the door of our house, it is raining. This is what happens in June in Oregon. So what better time to go sleep in the woods with a couple of almost-one-year old twin boys? Today, we open our 2013 camping season, and it just wouldn’t […]

Twins’ First “Camping” Trip

A few weeks ago, we got a cabin at Cape Lookout. The only way we were able to get the cabin was because it was available mid-week. The yurts and cabins at Oregon State Parks are often booked as soon as they are available for reservations, usually six months in advance. Dave had some time […]