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Into The Woods

It’s Election Day. What luck, that when I booked a cabin on the coast weeks ago, I didn’t realize we’d be in the woods on Election Day. We are going to drive away from the noise, and I’m going to go fill my lungs with chilly ocean air. This is also the boys’ first night […]

Weekend Away: Sisters and Bend, Part II

So we enjoyed Sisters, Oregon. It was the first time we’ve gotten to spent some time there. We are usually just driving through. The whole town was getting ready for Annual Sisters Rodeo this weekend. As much of a spectacle that must be, I’m glad we visited before the rodeo hit town, on just a […]

Weekend Away: Sisters and Bend

Holy crap, you guys. I forgot how nice it is to get out of town. Not even that we’ve just been back in Portland for less than two months. Or that practically our whole year in Astoria could be considered a vacation. But getting out, getting away, breaking up the routine, seeing something new, it’s […]

On The Road

You know how long it’s been since we had a proper road trip? Or a weekend away together? A long fricken time. Last summer, while we were job free, unemployed bums, we did a lot of driving and explored the north coast. But we didn’t stray too far from the coast or Portland, because, well, […]

Travel Tuesday-ish: Whale Watching Fail

So I don’t know if you know this: It rains a lot on the coast. People, it rains. RAINS. This week started with a lovely dusting of snow, and has ended with heaping buckets of rain. There’s flooding and pandemonium and gnashing of teeth. I’d like to think back a couple weeks, forever ago, to […]