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Travel Tuesday: Youngs River Falls

The summer weather in Astoria isn’t as regulated and predictable as in Portland. We have noted towering clouds, squalls of rain and dramatic sun breaks all in the same day. And of course, we get thick blankets of clouds and wet weather that endures for days. Last week, while Portland was sunny, we were squeezing […]

Travel Tuesday, Sorta: Gray Day In Cathlamet

Not long ago, a lovely friend Kim posted some lovely photos of a little riverside town called Cathlamet. It got us hankering to visit. On a gray day last week (I think it was even Tuesday), we took a spin over the bridge to the Washington side. If we had swam up river or had […]

Travel Tuesdayish: Manzanita and Hug Point

Sort of Travel Tuesday. I realize it’s not Tuesday. I don’t think we even made this trip on a Tuesday. But work with me here, our days just all blend together. On a gorgeous day last week, we hopped in the car and headed south to Manzanita. We’ve driven by many times, but never pulled […]

Travel Tuesday: Fort Stevens State Park

Last week we had gorgeous warm days, the first warm sunny days of the season, the kind of days that make you forget there was ever a rainy cold winter, and that you should probably slather SPF 500 all over your ghostly hide. We took one of those days and drove out to Fort Stevens […]

Travel Tuesdays: Oswald West State Park

Travel Tuesday. Maybe an ongoing new feature. We are going to attempt to go see something, maybe on a regular basis, and maybe take photos, and maybe write about it, maybe on Tuesdays. I like this idea, but I am noncommittal. I don’t even know what I’m doing for the rest of the day today, […]