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Somewhat Daily Photo 12.22.11

It’s getting to be that time. That’s me, a few year ago. Just a few. I have a few more of these childhood Christmas photos up over on Ye Christmases of Olde. I’d still be pretty excited to get Legos for Christmas.

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.12.11

Sticky forest. These trees were perched upon a bluff above the beach at Cape Lookout. That whole state park was one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever been to.

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.7.11

Rust and moss. Perhaps there is a story here. But perhaps it’s just decay and growth dancing happily together. From this trip to Cathlamet earlier this year.

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.6.11

Still not tired of this. I like it here.

Somewhat Daily Photo 12.2.11

A donkey. By the side of the road. I’m not kidding. It’s a donkey. By the side of the road. We saw it in Oregon. Or Nevada. I’m not sure which.