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Somewhat Daily Photo 12.1.11

Hanjin. This is the fearsome Columbia Bar, just before the open ocean. Sure, it looks pretty on a day like this, when we visited Fort Stevens back in June. But the Columbia empties into the Pacific like a “fire hose.” So the sand bars change daily, even in the best weather. This boat was loaded […]

Somewhat Daily Photo 11.30.11

I never, ever denied that I was a crazy cat lady. We think he’s handsomer than all the other kitties.

Somewhat Daily Photo 11.29.11

Red and white. From my old iPhone. I sort of like that it’s grainy and super saturated. I also like that ships are often painted this same red and black. It’s like they are all on the same team.

Somewhat Daily Photo 11.28.11

Small town traffic. Cars on road. Ships on river. AND…Cars in ships. I just blew your mind, right there.

Somewhat Daily Photo 11.22.11

The magic hour. Right now, the Oregon coast is being pounded by a massive pineapple express, and the most powerful winds since that storm back in 2007. That storm blew the roof off our the building we now live in. So, as our whole house shakes in the 80 mph gusts, and it seems as […]