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The Dumbest Way To Almost Break Your Toe

I think I could maybe write a whole blog about grocery store consumerism. I have some of my more profound insights about our society while shopping for noodles and kitty litter. I believe that being thoughtful in the grocery store is exactly what retailers don’t want. I think they want us softened up by the […]

A Little Less Of A Person

So. All my life I’ve been a fairly complete human being. Perhaps I am in the lifelong process of becoming “fully formed,” in a ethereal-wooy-bullcrap sort of way. But I am a “whole,” unspoiled, fully functional, mostly coherent human being. I’ve been responsible for myself since I left my parents’ house many, many years ago. […]

You Actually Put These In Your Mouth

I’m not kidding. I wrote a story about poutine râpée, food of my ancestors over here. We tried it so you don’t have to. Also, we have enough poutine gravy packets to last us until Jesus comes.

The Non-Virtue of Being “Busy”

I have a problem with the notion of being “busy.” You hear me? A problem. We are all very busy, all the time. We have obligations, we have places to be, we have stuff that needs our attention. We are all this way, and we manage, to a certain degree. We go about our days. […]

Oregon Style Honeymoon: Interrupted By Awful Coffee

Okay, so for breakfast on our thirdish day, we went to a diner-style cafe in the tiny town of Prairie City. Our next major town or stop on our route was Baker City, and that was an over hour away. I needed to eat before then. I don’t know about you, but I am totally […]