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My Advice To You

My advice to you is: Don’t wait three years between dentist appointments. Even if you are sure you are brushing your teeth. Even if you are so smart in all other aspects of your life. It’s just wise not to wait so long to go to the dentist. If you need further advice, don’t tell […]

Another Avoid: Chewing Your Nails

I don’t chew my nails. I DON’T. I’m a girl, and I try to grow out my nails so they sort of look pretty. Because I’m a girl. I also know where my fingers have been. But occasionally, a nail will crack or split and I am left with an unacceptable misshapen fingernail. Unacceptable. I […]


I like to stay as positive as I can. I’d like to think I’m not a complainer. I prefer to be “for” things rather than “against” things. I’d really rather be an advocate than a cynic. For instance, when driving, and someone cuts me off, I’m the first to say “What a dick!” But wouldn’t […]

I’m Telling You!

Mushrooms are spooky!  It is simply a wise survival principle to NOT eat them. See, I don’t eat them, and I’m not dead yet!  Not a coincidence!

I’m Afraid Of Stairs

Okay? Really. I really am afraid of stairs. I’m not making a joke by trying to say I’m actually afraid of something else. Like forklifts, (because I’m afraid of them too.) Stairs. The things you step on. They freak me out. One or two stairs or steps are fine, though I may trip on them […]