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Not Good For Me

The mark of a truly enjoyable, greasy, unhealthy, guilt-ridden meal, is that the next time you’re hungry, you want that same thing again. Except it’s not even 6 hours later. And you haven’t even washed the grease off from the first go round. Mmmmm, good. My friends, I had such a meal Wednesday night. We […]

Yes. It’s a Cafe Mocha. In a Soup Bowl.

And, yes. It’s not just whipped cream, but chocolate whipped cream. Heavenly. From this place. See how I sacrifice for you, internets? I must have these delectable num-a-nums so that I can tell you about them later. So my fat ass is all your fault.

The BEST Scones I’ve Ever Had In My WHOLE LIFE

Restaurant endorsements from me are few and far between. I have very high culinary standards. My pre-game dinner last night consisted of french fries, tater tots and mini corn dogs. But this place has scones that make me weak in the knees: Pazzoria Bakery & Cafe. On SW Washington. Attached to Pazzo Ristorante. If you […]

I (Sort Of) Made Killer Shrimp

I tried to go to Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey over 4th of July weekend. I was just a few days too late: They closed on June 29th. Bummer. For those not familiar, Killer Shrimp was an LA restaurant that only served shrimp in a spicy broth with a bucket of french bread. You […]