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Stuff I Like: Shoving Food Into My Pie Hole

One of my rediscovered joys this summer has been making good, and sometimes elaborate food. Not that I ever forgot that I like good food. Dave and I are both pretty skilled in the kitchen, and we’ve always appreciated making nice meals. But this summer, we sort of took it to a new level. Not […]

I Like One Of These Things Much Better Than The Other

The other day, I was awoken in the very early morning by a westerly wind and the scent of donuts beginning their lives in a vat of frying oil. This morning, I was awoken in the very early morning by an easterly wind and the scent of trees ending their lives at a paper mill. […]

FYI: Lemon Basil Is Very Different Than Regular Basil

Okay, I know no one is as excited about my herb garden as I am. I can’t shut up about it. It’s goddamned exciting.

Dave Knows Portland T-Shirt

Do you love Portland? Me too! If you love coffee, or beer, or fixie bikes, or dorky glasses, or skinny jeans, or flannel, or being a pants-wetting liberal, or putting birds on things, or being over educated, or under employed, or composting your own poo, or retiring before 40, or driving a Subaru, or bursting […]

I Read Books: The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why This was a book I actually bought instead of borrowing from the library. I bought it while visiting Manzanita from Ekahni Books. We were talking to the owner of the shop about tsunamis along the Oregon Coast (I’m not obsessed. I’m not) and she pulled […]