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The Birth Story, Chapter Four

The Birth Story, Chapter One The Birth Story, Chapter Two The Birth Story, Chapter Three I explained that I had c-section under general anesthesia. I have learned that anesthesia and anesthesiologist¬†are two of my least favorite words. Because no matter how many times I type them out, I always forget how to spell them. Every. […]

The Birth Story, Chapter Three

The Birth Story, Chapter One The Birth Story, Chapter Two “There she is,” someone said. I was awake. There was no passage of time. I was back in the operating room. I was freezing cold again. I wasn’t really awake, though. Someone was talking to me, telling me that everything went well, the boys were […]

“We’re Going To Have These Babies Tonight, Aren’t We?”

That was Dave, sitting across from me at dinner, as he choked down a stiff drink. He nervously watched me tap a contraction timer on my phone. Contractions were coming less than every five minutes, and they were lasting a minute or longer. This had been going on for a while, maybe over an hour. […]

Waiting For The Crazy Lady To Somehow Crash The Plane

I flew down to southern California to meet my new niece. Here she is. Cutest thing ever, right? Holy crap, this kid is cute. In this photo, she’s about to get a bath. I took the trip because obviously, I needed to go eat the cute little baby, but also because I don’t know when […]

It Was A Nice Day, Except for The Little Shit Who Stole My Three Dollars

We had a lovely, wonderful first weekend back in Portland. We are still in the process of figuring out where everything “fits” in our new place and our 1950s kitchen. Our apartment in Astoria was so huge, and the kitchen was so enormous, we are having to squeeze back down in a deliberate and thoughtful […]