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Twenty Four Hours in Portland

First, a trip to Bob’s Red Mill to stock up on oatmeal. We picked up our friends Nedra and Roxy. Roxy is pretty much the cutest kid on the planet. I was baffled by the people who seemed to not notice her. How could they not get pulled in by her tractor beam of cuteness?

What. A. Night.

Timbers home opener. You can click on the image below for super big. We were so ready. It was raining. Hard. It didn’t let up. You can click on the image below for super big. The Army Sings The Anthem from Mile73 on Vimeo. There’s our boys. This is what a win looks like. Click […]

Because the Cool Kids Are Doing It

This guy started it. Based in this. Other people are submitting awesome contributions. Awesome. Love this town.

I’m Not Much Of A Sports Fan

I didn’t sleep all that great the other night. I tossed and turned and I couldn’t shut off my brain. Want to know why? Because I was at the goddamned Timbers game the night before. It was a semi finals game. It was an nail biting, hard-played game. It was amazing and gut wrenching. It […]

Shots From The Game

Happy to be standing with the Timbers Army for this game. You haven’t heard potty mouth until you hear a ten thousand people chanting it together. Still fun, even though they lost.  The Timbers played their hearts out.