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Another Avoid: Chewing Your Nails

I don’t chew my nails. I DON’T. I’m a girl, and I try to grow out my nails so they sort of look pretty. Because I’m a girl. I also know where my fingers have been. But occasionally, a nail will crack or split and I am left with an unacceptable misshapen fingernail. Unacceptable. I […]

A Lovely Night

A win! On a minute 90 penalty kick. I barely know what that means. But it was dramatic as hell. And we won, and that’s all that matters, right? I’ll post video later when Vimeo and my internet connection stop being little bitches.

A Win!

Here are the Timbers, saying goodnight after defeating the Carolina Railhawks 2-0 last night. What’s a railhawk? Timbers Say Goodnight 5.2.09 from Mile73 on Vimeo. We are getting used to our seats for this season. It’s a different perspective. We will be sure to go and bounce around with The Army a bit, too.

Things Going On: A List

1. The Timbers lost their last home game of the season. It was very sad. I do not want to talk about it. 2. My parents are visiting. They took my car and are driving along the coast. Dad is keeping both hands on the wheel, keeping his eyes on the road and is not […]

A Win!

A redonkulous 4-0 win! It didn’t suck at all! Here’s Timber Joey awarding the players their slabs off the log.