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Not Leaving on Jan 10

I caught a cold. I can’t move to Portland with a cold. I’m at my Mom and Dad’s place, eating chicken soup, and letting all the pets pig-pile on top of me. A large, stinky, wet-nosed, mouth-breathing pig-pile.

Maybe ABQ?

Maybe? Coyote tapestries and turquoise jewelry? Adobe houses, kiva fireplaces and 300 days of sun? Maybe?


Do you have New Year Resolutions? Here are mine: 1. Get a Job 2. Get an Apartment 3. Do not become a Bag Lady Pretty awesome, huh? 2008 is going to be great! I am in So Cal right now, spending time with my family. My car arrives off the boat on January 9. I […]

Leaving Hawaii

Before I left California, I was describing my plans to a woman who is a noted cardiologist in Los Angeles. I told her I was relocating to Hawaii to start a coffee shop. I explained that I don’t have a relationship, family, house, or career that prevent me from doing something crazy. I don’t really […]

Some Photos o PDX and SEA

Below, some photos from my trip to the PNW. I like three-letter abbreviations. They save so much time. Tori Amos was playing. Huge crowd waiting to get in. Christmastime in the city. Japanese Garden Big Fat Mocha Icon Space Noodles Fishes Veggies New red hat