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Fun New Paranoia Part II

I recently wrote about how I almost got hit by a car. Like most people, when urgently reminded of our mortality, I saw my life flash before me, and there were two new little faces that eclipsed everything else. And it was suddenly much, much more important to me to not get hit by a […]

New Themes

Here’s a new theme. I like it. I like the photo of the Astoria Megler bridge, it’s become iconic in our lives, but I have other interesting road photos. I may rotate the big photo and switch it up a bit. Switching themes on my blog feels like spring cleaning. A change of scenery. This […]

Moving, Again

Yes, again. It’s a yearly thing. It’s a tradition. Since I moved to Portland, and since Dave and I have been together, we have moved five times. This will be our sixth move. In five years. We have never renewed a lease. I realize this sounds exhausting and maybe a little silly. Isn’t moving a […]

Always, Always, Always Wash Your Hands After Public Transportation

You know this already, right? You know it intuitively. If you put your hand on anything while on a bus, or reach out to steady yourself, you can be assured that thousands of other people have also had their hand where ever you are putting yours. And who knows what may linger on the surfaces of […]

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Back To Work I Go

I got a job. I mean, a job away from home. I was sort of, maybe, perhaps, thinking about going back to work, but I figured it was going to take me a long time to find a job that would suit our purposes. I wanted a job that I would enjoy, otherwise it wouldn’t […]