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Hi Papa! 6.4.13

I’m not sure what either of them might be thinking. Cascadian: I am distressed. I think. I think I am distressed. Maybe not. I am confused. Kitty: Hmmmm, baby head. Loyal: Bppppzzzzzzttsssppppt.

Baby Giggles

Need a good laugh? Here you go. I wasn’t doing anything tremendously amusing. Just making faces. For some reason right then, it was the funniest thing in the world. Thanks, kid.

Our Boys Like To Eat

Ignore, if you can, my voice. This is the voice I use to talk to the babies. All day long. Every day. I imagine it will not be much longer before my voice is frozen like this and my “baby voice” becomes the only way I know how to speak. We are reading Baby Led […]

Here Are Some Ridiculous Baby Noises

And some smiles, too. They are just learning what their hands are for. They are reaching out and batting at toys. They are able to grasp stuff, but it’s almost always inadvertent. And they are drooling and making bubbles. And they are joining in on our conversations. It’s goddamned adorable. Oh, and the homemade baby […]

Operation Thunder Babies: Life With Twins, Month Two

Okay, so yes, I’m still here. Meaning, I exist, as a “person” in the “world,” though I haven’t been in front of my computer, much less on the “internet.” Because, you know. Babies. Two of them. I was about to write an inventory of my whole day, but then I got exhausted and bored just […]