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I’m Working Over Here

So we lead a fairly frugal lifestyle. We don’t discomfort ourselves by any means, but we run a tight ship. We began the summer with a nice cushion of savings and it allowed us to get settled into small town living, and get our bearings for what we wanted to do next. No matter how […]

Okay, So, Wow That Sucked

I spent the past week or so trying to figure out how best to move this blog from one host to another. There are some pretty straightforward tools, and if everything had worked perfectly, it would have been no sweat. It’s not brain surgery. There should have been sparkles and flowers and bunnies waiting for […]


Here’s my new blog theme. It’s a work in progress, but most of the cosmetic stuff is done. I wanted lighter and cleaner, and after struggling for a couple months with a different theme, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Sometimes it’s better to just start from scratch. So this is the NEW […]

The Story of PDX Web Ads, Part Two

Here’s Part One from Monday. Yes, it’s super boring. Go read it anyway. I am not a marketer or sales person. Dave even less so. Our goal is not to drive cheap traffic or monetize meaningless content or otherwise be marketing douches. We’d like to think of ourselves as Writers. We would go do stuff, […]

The Story of PDX Web Ads, Part One

We are super pleased to announce the rates for our little Portland blog advertising network. But first. At the risk of making your eyes glaze over, let me give you a little overview of what we are doing here. I have explained our ad network concept to a few people, and if you don’t spend […]