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How to Become An A-List Blogger: Advice From a D-List Blogger

Did you know you can make money from blogging? You can! It’s not even that hard! You only need a few thousand page views to make a few pennies a day! Now, granted, there are superstar bloggers out there who have written books, and have gotten their own reality TV shows, all from writing a […]

Heather and Dave Start a Business

Hi, Internet. Not that long ago, I mentioned we had some big “stuff” coming up. And I drew a picture of a rocket and unicorn. And it was pretty awesome. It was fairly apparent from my deft drawing skills that there was some pretty massive quantities of awesomeness coming up. Dave and I have been […]

Added “Now Reading”

I’ve made a list of the books I am slowly slogging through and posted them for your enjoyment. Check out the Now Reading tab navigation bar at the top. I’ll keep this updated, but I have to tell you, I finish books very slowly. Your second grader could probably kick my ass at finishing books. […]


I’m new at this. I have a social networking phobia. Go easy. Follow me here. I’ll try to say funny things.

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of I started writing this blog a year ago, when I was living on the Big Island of Hawaii. A year ago, my “PLAN A,” which was to open a coffee shop with some friends, was beginning to unravel. Financing was not developing as we had foreseen, and my […]