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Updates: A List

1. My site is still wonky. I haven’t been able to create new posts. The only reason I’m able to write this post is because it was an abandoned draft that I am overwriting. Yahoo is my host and the last time I called, they told me “the ticket has been escalated.” I guess there are settings unrelated to WordPress […]

Know Your Audience

Evidently, I need to write more about Sociopath Pets and internally embarrassing supermarket stories. The peaks are links from Stumbleupon, which I still haven’t figured out, and Jack Bog, who is kind of famous. The rest are my friends, family, and lost, wayward souls looking for boob pictures.

Don’t Vote Posters

I promise, promise, promise I’m not going to blog politics (much more) because it makes my eye twitch.  I have um, “issues,” trying to get anything done lately because, oh, there’s so much to read and worry about out there. But I enjoyed these. From

Welcome, Legions of Cat People

Sunday, I was minding my own beeswax. I was NOT doing laundry, or my dishes, or sweeping my floor, as I had planned. It was a beautiful day out! It was so much more conducive to doing other non-productive, non-outdoor activities, like screwing around on the internet! But I did sit by the window, felt the […]

How The Crazies Find Me

I have people tell me it’s creepy that I know when they visit my blog. This is partly because I am psychic. But also because there are various tools for tracking hits on websites. It’s always interesting to track visitor statistics. And because I am a tad bit obsessive, I have about half a dozen different stat trackers […]