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These are some of the search terms people have used to arrive at this sight. I swear, each one of these are fully authentic and true. red beret roasters coffee teetering boobs “reason with a crazy person” victorian kitchens checkerboard floors Portland is awesome sunset becoming a fantasy salesperson 3 letter abbreviation portland cat blogging […]

Odd tOdd

Have you been to this website? Odd Todd If you haven’t been there, you should go. This guy has built an empire from making funny cartoons about being laid off. He’s published a book, and I think he’s working on getting a show in the works. Also, his blog posts are milk-out-the-nose funny. He eats […]


You may have noticed, I have added a tasty side of links to this page. I was planning on just adding my friends’ blogs and some other sites I read daily. But then the “category” function was broken in WordPress when I tried to lump the various blogs together. Yes, I tried various ways of […]