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Wow! Volcanoes Are Awesome!

I don’t care what the anti-volcano lobby says! They’re just blowing smoke and exploding and stuff! Undersea volcanoes are even more awesome, even though you can’t see them! Everyone, let’s go to Tonga!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Authentic St. Patrick’s Day.  Green cupcakes with Frosted Luck Charms = As fricken Irish as it gets.

Winning The Meat War

This is how you make corned beef. It’s a 6 pound slab of brisket.  With salt, allspice, pepper, crushed bay leaf and paprika (in our case, Spanish smoked paprika, because we’re snooty.)   You stab it on either side and rub the spices in.  Seal airtight in a giant ziplock bag, put it in a pan […]

Lock the Door

Yesterday I picked up The Roommate after work. I had some errands to run before dinner, so I dropped him off at home. I figured I’d be a half hour or so. But it was raining and trafficky and my errands ran longer than I expected. Since he knew I was coming home shortly, he […]

I Went To A Sausage Fest

Seriously. Not a party with dudes just standing around. But a really for real festival of meat shoved into animal casings. We heard there was going to be an Oktoberfest-style Wurstfest in Mt Angel Oregon, and who could possibly pass up an opportunity to go to a real, live sausage party? Obviously, not me. Mt […]