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“Roses, People. Roses.”

I’m that girl in the office. I get flowers today because if they get sent home, my cat will eat them and puke everywhere. Lovely creature. And when I get flowers at work, the office bitches know who’s Alpha Female. Take that, bitches! Thanks, muffin. Happy Valentine’s. AND Happy Anniversary. We met on Valentine’s Day. […]

Nice Day

Saturday we made our usual rounds to the various vintage stores on Hawthorne. I am trying to shake off my inherent skeeved-out-ness of deeply used furniture. We might find a 50 year old super badass couch that will fit in our place. But you know, someone could have died on it. Or at least drooled […]

Against My Religion

We got home from work and realized that we did not have hot water. I did dishes for 15 minutes using tepid water, waiting for it to heat up. Fifteen minutes seems like a long time. But I grew up in a house that was 100 years old. And I’ve lived in other older places […]

Somebody *Wuvs* Ikea

They were out of stock and I was disappointed. So I left my Dave there. I hope he went to a good home.

Not A Brat! Not A Brat! Not A Brat!

But I am spoiled, however. Someone gave me a new one of these. Holy crap. But I sorely needed one. Seriously. I’ve been whining about it for months. I noticed in the manual it says: “High Risk Activities: This computer is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication […]