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My First Gift: You Will Be Jealous

My fabulous Future Roommate (if the weather lets up and we are ever able to move), Dave Knows, has an associate Nathan, who is a master woodworker. I had been told that his work was as good as The Joinery, where they charge $4000 for a dining table. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom […]

Snowmageddon 2008

This is my car. This is a street in my neighborhood. Here is the best weather radar map we’ve found to see what is heading our way. It might warm up in time for me to catch a plane on Chrstmas Eve. Otherwise, I’m digging my car out and hitting the road. It’s only 1000 […]

First Snow Of The Season

First Snow of the Season from Mile73 on Vimeo. This is the view from-my-soon-to-be-former apartment. This is why we didn’t move today. They shut down I-5 for a while! Chains or studs required on all metro freeways! It’s craziness! And work is called off for tomorrow! I haven’t had a snow day in 10 years, bitches! Awesome! Talk […]

Visiting The Holiday Choo Choo

It’s 8ish on Sunday morning, the day we’re supposed to move. I was supposed to be in a U-Haul by now. But as I turn my head to look outdoors, I see the first snow of the season falling and accumulating on the street. We had looked at the forecast yesterday and decided to postpone moving […]

Your Sister: Not As Cool As Mine

I emailed my little sister this morning, complaining that I was hungry, but I couldn’t pick up breakfast because I’m broke. I spent my last $5 on a kinda crummy breakfast burrito yesterday. C’est la vie. I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I need to kick the nasty breakfast pastry habit. Two hours later, […]