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We Have Pirates!

Pirates! Real ones! They are, like, messing up global shipping lanes! And there’s a ton of them. And they are getting blown up by the Indian Navy. A shipper from Norway won’t even send its boats through the Gulf of Aden anymore. They are sending their ships all the way around Africa to avoid that whole […]

I Am An Adult

It is 9:00 AM up on a Sunday morning. I’m checking my internets, drinking coffee, and eating a huge slab of homemade carrot cake. In bed.

Can’t Keep Me Down!

Know what this is? That right, bitches!  It’s a damn ballot from the Multnomah Country Elections Board!  You can’t keep me down! Now I’m going to impose my blue blood, leftie-enviro-feminist-pro-gay-peacenik-hippie agenda all over your ass!  With granola on top!

Friends Are Great. So Is The Internet.

So I had mentioned that my iPod died. I’ve had my iPod since 2004, which is a ripe old age. It was working fine on Sunday. On Monday, the hard drive whirred and scratched and I got the sad iPod face. And that was the extra annoyance. It was working fine on Sunday! What could have possibly happened […]

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Biscuits and Gravy, homemade. I bet you’d like this photo for your desktop. Here you go. You’re welcome.