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One Step Closer To Being In Charge Of Everyone

With Goddamned Breakfast Sandwiches, I shall rule the world. My sister got me one of these for my birthday. It poaches your egg, heats your (precooked) meat and toasts your english muffin all at the same time. So that I can make Goddamned Breakfast Sandwiches. And Rule The World. I finally figured out that I […]

Not Good For Me

The mark of a truly enjoyable, greasy, unhealthy, guilt-ridden meal, is that the next time you’re hungry, you want that same thing again. Except it’s not even 6 hours later. And you haven’t even washed the grease off from the first go round. Mmmmm, good. My friends, I had such a meal Wednesday night. We […]

Theft Deterrent

One of my neighbors, one of the good, cutie pie neighbors, has had a problem with people stealing his car cover. His car is always shiny and immaculate and he’s quite good at making me feel like an inadequate and neglectful car owner. Like the state’s Car Protective Services Department will come and take my […]

Having a Fridge Manager Is Awesome

It seems like, being female, being in my 30s, and being a reasonably good cook, I might have a better handle of what is going on in my fridge. I’m still getting re-accustomed to the absolute luxury of living alone, and I have the reasonable expectation that no one else would be looking in my […]

The BEST Scones I’ve Ever Had In My WHOLE LIFE

Restaurant endorsements from me are few and far between. I have very high culinary standards. My pre-game dinner last night consisted of french fries, tater tots and mini corn dogs. But this place has scones that make me weak in the knees: Pazzoria Bakery & Cafe. On SW Washington. Attached to Pazzo Ristorante. If you […]