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I Walked to Work Today

And then I walked back. It’s three miles in each direction. Walking is good. I get to see different parts of the city. I get a little swamp ass. Now maybe I can have more cookies. And ALSO. I walked right by Utrecht, the art supply store, on the way home. AND I DID NOT […]

Conversations on the Streetcar

My ride to work on the streetcar is exactly half an hour. If I’m feeling ambitious, it’s a good time to be productive. I’ll sometimes bring a book, but I’m a little paranoid about what to read on the streetcar. I’m sensitive, because I know, myself, that I am nosy about other peoples’ reading material. […]

The Male Species, Perfected

Just now I was running down the stairs (four flights) to switch out my laundry. I ran into one of my cutie-pie gay neighbors from down the hall. He explained that he was working on the car he just bought, a white ’88 BMW 325i convertible. I had seen this car around and it made […]

Odd tOdd

Have you been to this website? Odd Todd If you haven’t been there, you should go. This guy has built an empire from making funny cartoons about being laid off. He’s published a book, and I think he’s working on getting a show in the works. Also, his blog posts are milk-out-the-nose funny. He eats […]

French Canadians at Their Weirdest

About two weeks ago, very close to where I work, someone erected a village of giant blue and yellow swirly tents in a vacant lot near the Willamette River. My first thought (this really was my first thought) was “Why would they need to fumigate a parking lot?” But then of course, I realized that […]