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New Car Adventures

Okay, so I have a huge mental backlog of stuff to write about. Basically, half a year’s worth of stuff that has happened while babies have been happening. Like when Dave got locked in our bathroom. Or when our fire alarm went off while I was in the shower. It has pained me not to […]

Babies’ First Christmas

  This is our holiday card this year, which I am still sending out. At the rate I am going, they will be St Patricks’s Day cards. Please still act surprised when you open yours. Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for reading, and thank you for following along as these little guys grow. I […]

You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap)

This is a review of our lovely friend Tammy’s book You Can By Happiness (And It’s Cheap). This book has been out for a few months and I’m sort of late writing this review. But trust me, I do think you should go out and get this book, especially in this season of culturally-enforced consumerist […]

This Could Not Be More Perfect #nofilters

I have an Instagram account, and somehow I lost the password. Which is endlessly frustrating to me. Because of stuff like this. THIS. Perfect. This is outside our bedroom window, but it is closer to our neighbor’s front door. And since our neighbors sometimes keep us up late with inane prepubescent screeching, I am in […]

“I Demand Beer!”

This kid could not be more like his dad. The pediatrician said to get the boys an exersaucer to practice keeping their heads upright, and for keeping them contained and amused. Exersaucers, like play gyms, sort of offend my delicate sensibilities. Not to mention my delicate retinas. So I got one of these. It’s a […]