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Ka-Pow! New Oregon Residents Up In Here

My mom first came to visit her new grandsons at the beginning of August. When she went back home to California, she casually mentioned to my dad that she wouldn’t be opposed to moving to Oregon. My dad called me up and demanded to know: “WHAT DID YOU DO?” Then my dad came for a […]

Into The Woods

It’s Election Day. What luck, that when I booked a cabin on the coast weeks ago, I didn’t realize we’d be in the woods on Election Day. We are going to drive away from the noise, and I’m going to go fill my lungs with chilly ocean air. This is also the boys’ first night […]

New Mom Hair

What I like about this is that I can roll out of bed and instantly be the lead singer of any 80s pop band. Yes, the boys still recognize me.

Ridiculous Babyfest: New Cousins

My sister came up for a visit over the weekend and she brought her unbelievably cute daughter Elli. See? Fricken cute as hell. She was fascinated by the littler babies. She stared at them and smiled. She patted them and grabbed their hands and tried to eat them. Our guys are still a bit young to […]

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Grandbabies

From the “Never Thought This Would Happen” Department: My parents are moving to Oregon. Holy crap. I thought maybe my sister and her husband might someday move to Portland. But I did not think my parents would. Not in a million years. Not because I didn’t think they would like it. I thought they would […]