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I Feel Great! Wait, No. I Feel Like Dog Poo!

I’ve been trucking along on this whole pregnancy thing. I’m around 24 weeks and I’ve been feeling pretty good. More than pretty good. My energy has been great, my mood is good, I’ve been sleeping well, I’ve been chewing through projects and feeling productive and goddamned virtuous. So we moved, and the very week we […]

Okay, So, I Hate Shopping

We’re back in Portland. We have a new apartment. And every time we move, I have the urge to nest a bit. With twins on the way, my urge to nest is perhaps a bit stronger than usual. We actually haven’t thought too much about baby stuff yet. I’ve been blocking it out, actually. Since […]

Clumsy and Dumb. No Really, I Am.

I’m pretty good at embarrassing myself. I don’t mind being goofy, or I don’t mind being self deprecating. Because I certainly want to be the first person to make fun of me. I like to think that I hone conspicuous personal embarrassment as a fine artisan would whittle a duck from a bar of soap. […]

Fun With Self Employed Health Insurance

I’m good at worrying. Did you know this about me? I don’t feel like a complete person unless I’m worried about something. If they had an Olympics for worriers, I could melt down all the gold medals I’d win and make myself a gilded helmet to protect my crazy, anxious brain. When we quit our jobs and terminated […]

Travel Tuesday: Saddle Mountain

I’m going to do what I can to not swear during this post. My usual, natural inclination is to swear. I prefer to think of swearing as colorful intensifiers, not bleating inarticulateness. More often than not, I withhold curse words because they make me feel less dainty. Right. So, Saddle Mountain. It was on our list […]