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Channel Overload

I’m working on updating the theme for this blog. I’ve been working on this for oh, say, six months or more. I’ve got a new theme almost ready to go, with a new header, some new little features, a new About page (not done writing it yet) and some segmentation for my various scattered and […]

My Feet Hurt

A few days ago, I posted a status update on Facebook: “Reading up on flat feet. I’ve had flat arches since junior high. We’re walking a lot more in Astoria, and my feet start aching after only a mile. I’m too young to be an old lady.” You see, I have no boundaries. Somehow, I […]

Today Is My Day Off

I’m a sicky sick face. And my nose is bigger than my whole head combined.

What Happens When An Accountant Catches A Cold

Right now, I am super pissed at myself that I have not kept track of cold medicines that actually work. I don’t get sick very often, usually once a year or less. So by the time I finally catch a cold, I have forgotten what cold medicine works for me. I usually take whatever may […]

I’m Sick. Siiiiiiick.

I’m pretty sure I must have used this same headline in the past. It sounds like me. I’m getting clobbered by one of the most painful and fast acting sore throats I’ve had in a long, long time. I was minding my own beeswax, wrapping up a fairly fun weekend at the Ocktoberfest and the […]